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The T-Class Racing Sloop is a fast-sailing model yacht and elegant for display. This has always been our most popular design, and there are now over 17,000 T-Class sailing! The Ship’s Papers are numbered for each boat. Hulls are western red cedar. Fittings are solid brass.

With almost half of the entire weight in the keel casting, the T-Class is completely self-righting. She has the power to sail in anything from the lightest breeze up to winds gusting twenty-five miles per hour. In waves a foot high, she’ll take right off, heeling over and charging through the waves!

The T-Class sails beautifully in any size water from a swimming pool to the open seas. In wide open water, sail her on a light line: she’ll sail out over a quarter of a mile with eight pound test monofilament fishing line on the bow! Tug on the line, and she’ll spin around, tack, and sail back to you! Set the rudder hard over and she’ll sail in loops. When you sheet in the sails, she’ll sail upwind within 45 degrees of the wind. Ease the sheets and she’s racing downwind.

In a good breeze the T-Class will sail straight across a lake a mile wide in just under half an hour! On a small lake she’ll sail across faster than you can walk around to meet her. Set her off from a kayak, dingy, or rubber raft, and “The Chase is On!”.

Length 18 inches, Height 31 inches. Kit $120.00, Finished $195.00.

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