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Winner of Parents' Choice Award Gold Medal for excellence. The T15 Racing Sloop performs beautifully on all waters. With her two sails and deep keel she is fast and powerful for sailing in strong winds and big waves.

In larger lakes T15 sails beautifully with a light line on the bow. Your T15 will sail out so far you can barely see her. Tug on the line and your boat will spin around and sail back. It’s terrific fun sailing T15 free and following in a canoe, a rubber raft or a dinghy. T15 is a delight in a swimming pool and will sail back and forth almost continually in the breeze. The two brightly colored sails add a charming dimension of fun and excitement to any setting. Out on a smaller lake she’ll sail in a straight line to meet you from one shore across to the other. On display the T15 contributes an authentic nautical elegance, a fun reminder of past adventures on the water.

The western red cedar hull, solid brass fittings, and nylon spinnaker cloth sails give the T15 great durability. The zinc keel casting makes her completely self-righting and gives her the ability to sail in a good stiff breeze. This is a perfect boat for the whole family. Her performance will delight everyone, and the T15 will endure for years of sailing.

Length 15 inches, Height 26 inches. Kit $96.00, Finished $160.00.

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