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T12 Cruiser

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The Cruiser is terrific in any water from the hot tub or swimming pool up to ponds and lakes. With almost half the weight in the zinc ballast casting, the Cruiser can never tip over. Throw her in the water upside down, she’ll flip right up and sail off! In the pool she’ll sail back and forth responding to every swirl of wind. In the hot tub with the jets, she’ll cruise with the currents. The Cruiser adds the perfect touch of color and fun to any hot tub or pool.

Sailors of all ages will admire the craftsmanship of the Cruiser. For adults the T12 Cruiser is a fun toy to relax with. For youngsters, the Cruiser is truly durable - the perfect boat to begin a life of sailing. The western red cedar hull, and nylon spinnaker cloth sails are designed to last for years. All materials will withstand the effects of chlorine and chemicals in the pool and salt water at the beach.

The smallest member of our fleet, the Cruiser sails fast for her size. Sail your Cruiser free right across the pond or tie a light line to her mast. When you tug on the line, she’ll tack and sail back! Great fun for sailors from 5 to 95!


Length 12 inches, Height 17 inches. Kit $69.00 Finished $125.00.

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