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John Ive's Spectacular Fleet of T37s!

John's creations span almost 1000 sail numbers from number 975 to 1962!

rc sailboat model

rc sailboat

John Ive has completed 6 T37 Racing Sloops for his own collection and has helped several friends build their own T37s. Here John has shared some pictures of his own boats with us. John's work is superbly detailed and at the extreme end of perfection! His boats have countless custom details and special accents that John has designed himself. You will note that some of the boats have themes, like 1776, American Independence.

radio controlled model sailing boat

John started sailing as a young boy when he took two weeks of sailing class at the Seattle Yacht Club. Then he did not get to sail again until he got his first T37 after retiring! At first, John was a little rusty, after so many years since his two week sailing class! The first couple of months, we all got used to John finishing after the last boat in the fleet. Now, several years later, we are all trying to catch up with John. If he gets ahead, there is no catching him! John is brilliant not only as far as his finishes but also in tuning the rigs on his boats for optimal performance. Congratulations, John!

rc sailing model

rc sailboat kit

remote control sailboat

The inspiration for 1962, John's latest boat, is John's wife's birthdate and the boat is named "Goldilocks" in honor of Laurie (note the pink keel.)

wooden rc sailing boat

Here you can see the girl with golden hair on the foredeck and the bear with a trail of paw prints behind him on the back deck. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures and boats with us, John! By the way, John's 5th T37 was aptly named as well, "Obsession"! John is vice commodore of the Pacific Northwest Model Yacht Club helping Commodore Allan Van Ness with a terrific program of races for T37 skipper throughout the entire year. You can read more at the RC model sailboat racing web site for www.PNMYC.org

rc model sailboat radio control model sailing boat

radio control sailboats


On a fine sailing day at Lake Samish in Bellingham, John turned up with two of his earlier T37s, #1010 and #1777, both finished with John's splendid attention to detail.

rc model sailboats radio control sailboat remote control sailboats rc pond boat radio control racing model

rc pond yacht rc model sailing radio control sailboats rc model sailboat kit rc model sailing sloop rc model sailboat rc sailing yacht radio control sailing yacht

And here is Hull Number 1776, "Independence"! Incredible work John!

rc sailing model

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