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Dan Newland

Wow! These are perfect T37s! Everything Dan does is pretty nearly perfect! Dan is one of the finest craftsmen I have ever known, besides being one of the nicest people!

rc sailboat rc sailing rc sailboats Laying up the custom deck for Pegasus.

rc sailing races Getting the custom cockpit surround perfect!

rc model sailing boat remote control sailboat kits remote control sailboats The custom deck almost done.

rc sailboat rc sailing rc sailboats rc sailing rc sails rc segelbot rc regatta rc T37 sailboat kit Congratulations Dan! 2015 T37 National Champion! The Man of the Year in T37 Racing! The perpetual Plaque and the First Place Plaque are presented to Dan by Allan Van Ness Commodore of the PNMYC at the Seattle Yacht Club.

rc sailing sport rc model sailboat Taking the waterlines off of Dan's first boat.

rc sailboats rc sailboat waterlines rc waterlines sailboat rc sailing boats rc sailboat racing rc boat with sails rc sailing

Work like this is truly inspiring! Sail on!

Dan is also a pilot and an expert in aeronautics. Here is another project that Dan has been working on, forming the carbon fiber engine cowling and carbon fiber tail flaps for this super fast small plane!

rc model airplane

rc sailboat rc yacht

rc sailboat model rc model sailboat

Dan Newland of Pegasus Aero-Marine, a brilliant craftsman from whom I have learned many valuable concepts and techniques! Thank you for such beautiful work, Dan!

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