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The T37 RC Owners' Pictures Tour continues with pictures from all over the US and Overseas! Each T37 is unique and reflects the individual owner's personality and style. That is why I enjoy these pictures so much!

Will: Thanks for the kind words. I built this boat for my 17
year old son David Junior. You might recall that I bought the T37 kit last
Christmas for him and finished around April or May of this year. Since
then, we've sailed about every weekend until the weather turned too cold.

I look forward to speaking with you.
Regards, Dave Meschino

Custom ivory, carved bone and brass fittings look splendid on this T37, finely crafted in Indiana. Nice work, Dave!!

Beautiful dovetail detail work on the custom hatch cover!


"Down Under" with Fluffy Duck!







Fluffy Duck and pal.





Thanks for your note. I really enjoyed putting together the T27 and adding to my fleet of model yachts. Attached is a messy photo but captures the "fleet" in my messy garage!
Congratulations on your success on the T50 - I look forward to signing up for one of the kits soon. It would be great to build one and have a chance to sail in a PNW series in the future – we would need a big lake for this one and a big wind!

Best regards,
Barry, West Vancouver BC

(below: Barry on a cruise from Vancouver BC to San Franscisco in 2007 on firend's sailboat)

(Barry's fleet, featuring his two T37s (white and black hulls), his T27 (natural varnished hull), and in the foreground a free-sailing boat that he built with his father as a child)

Hi Will,

Thank you for inviting me to join in yesterday’s race – attached are a couple of photos but I am sure your photographer on site has better ones.



Above, left, T37s on ends (turquise and blue hulls) and T27 in middle (natural hull); above, right, Ted's T37, Shibuya, keeping company with Ted's T27, Penelope, in Portland, Oregon.



I bought my T37 kit, including the carbon fiber mast and deck strips. I love the way it balances with prow and transom slightly clear of the water, then heels slightly for minimum transom drag. It also has little weather helm and, once trimmed, maintains its course upwind with almost no attention. In heavy air the light hull really screams on a run.

We currently live in Van Nuys, CA but still own our home on Vashon Island where we lived (and sailed an Islander 21) for 25 years. I also sail a Soling 1-Meter in a local RC sail club here. Most days the winds are light and life is good. But when we get the notorious Santa Ana winds, they average 20 mph and sailing is an adventure.

Thank you for a great design, an amazingly complete kit, and outstanding instructions. I am now a believer, and am spreading the word down here.

Best wishes to you,


Hello there Will,

Henley Lake is about 2 kilometers from my home in Masterton, New Zealand. We have a small model boat club that have their club days each Sunday. The wind was light and fickle. The islands in the middle of the lake make for interesting sailing as they
redirect the winds.

Regards,  John C. - New Zealand

T37 Racing Sloop - white and red sails - on Henley Lake, New Zealand..


Here's some pictures of my finished T37; hanging on the wall, first time in the water, and my Christmas present hat.

(Nice hat...wherever did you find it?!)


And, a couple of great shots of Terry and his T37 "Double Red" on Lake Padden near Bellingham, WA.


I felt guilty putting together such a well designed boat. Thank you
so much. I just took my T37, "Jay", out to the local pond yesterday,
and she sails beatifully. I was going to take her on my 4 month
cruise in the Caribbean, but I just could not risk my boat to the
airport handling. There was about 3 knots of wind, with occasional
5-10 knot gusts. We were all marveling at her speed compared to my
previous, scratch-built boat. I hope to take her back out again soon.

Thanks for a great kit, Spencer Connor

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